I appreciate your interest in knowing the Artist behind the work.

In my mission, I have a very specific goal in mind. I put a lot of effort into improving both personally and artistically every day so that I may provide YOU with the best work that will last for decades or even centuries. Having said that, if you are still interested in learning more about my story, click on the link below "The Artist".


My art explores patterns in nature and the beauty in my immediate environment. With inspiration from my travels, local walks, hikes, and photography of people, animals, and nature, I strive to create form and rich colors combined with texture to develop a deep resonance and dialog in my work.

It has always been vital to me to put effort into producing visually stunning work. My current favored mediums are metal arts and painting (oil and mixed media), both of which have long attracted me. I enjoy the challenge of refining techniques to convey my voice artistically.

With every fresh beginning and turn I've made in my life, creativity has been abundant. I firmly believe that my experiences living in Mexico, Spain, and the United States have shaped who I am today.

As a young professional, I worked as a hairstylist and then as a salon owner in the chic community of Burlingame, California. I trained with Sam Villa, a renowned international motivator and teacher in the hair industry who took me to another level in the profession, and I continue to collaborate on creative projects for his brand to this day. I'm also grateful to his partners and other stylists for their guidance, which helped me become a better lifelong professional. I've always believed in training with the best professionals in their field and taking them on as mentors wherever possible. In other prior artistic ventures in the Bay Area, I was the owner of a furniture/art boutique.

In 1999, I relocated to Spain and began working as a front-end web designer for both small and large corporations. In my spare time, I enjoyed producing photography and also created and organized small customized trips for incoming tourist groups visiting Spain.  Sweden and the Netherlands are other countries I enjoyed spending long periods that have been creatively inspiring.

After returning to the United States in late 2015, I decided to pursue my art career in Fine Art painting and Metal Arts. The most crucial thing I did to begin my journey was to look for the correct classes, teachers, and mentors. My introduction to Metal Arts was with Susanne Pugh at San Francisco Community College, a wonderful teacher who inspired me and many other students to pursue careers in the metal arts. I also studied advanced inlay and lapidary skills under David Freeland, a leader and master in the field, in Tucson, Arizona. In oil painting, I study and mentor under the talented Martha Safra, a San Francisco Bay Area painter who is encouraging me to push the boundaries of my technique and composition.

I realized that the professions I've worked in for all these years and the expressive endeavors I've pursued require a high level of creativity. My life has been richer as a result of my various creative disciplines. I believe that you should follow your heart and seize the possibilities that life has to offer. Never stop learning, creating, or sharing. 

The more I learn, the more I realize there is a lot more to learn.


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