when i CREATE, i discover
Welcome to Tavo Fine Art and Jewelry Designs

I utilize color to capture and preserve a moment in time and create jewelry for those who want to make a statement without compromising elegance or style.

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"if I could say it in words there is no reason to paint" - edward hopper

I have always considered myself a curious person. This curiosity for learning has enriched my life and has taken me in many creative directions and places, here in the USA, Europe, and beyond.

Even at an early age, I admired beautiful works of art and the artists who created great masterpieces. My inquisitive mind was piqued by how an artist presents a subject and expresses their vision with form, color, and composition.  

With the help of a brush in my hand, a sharp focus of mind, and a series of harmonious synchronized brush strokes I create and share with you a window to the world we call  â€˜painting'.

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Color Invites Positive Moods. I decorate your walls with paint and accessorize your style with jewelry. 

Ready to add Color to your life?  Be part of my community and join the list. No pressure, but don't miss out and cry later :). 



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